owner / kenpo head instructor

- 2nd dan black belt in american kenpo

- brown belt in kyokushin karate

- Orange belt in coda jujitsu

- muay thai, MMA, jujitsu, CAPOEIRA, ESKRIMA, and KICKBOXING practitioner

- inducted in the masters hall of fame 6/2015, 01/2017, & 05/2017

- instructor of the year 2014 & 2015

- karate world champion plus numerous state, and international titles

- martial arts practitioner for 16+ years

​- FIGHT EXPERIENCE:​ amateur Muay Thai 0-1 (11/12/2016)

MR. adriel reyes

jUNIOR instructor - kenpo

​- Junior Instructor of the Year 2014

- 1st dan Junior  Black Belt Instructor

- eskrima practitioner

- Karate World Champion

- Won multiple 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place in karate tournaments

- Karate practitioner for 10 years



- Studied wado ryu karate, tae kwon do, tang soo do, aikido,

shoriniji kempo, muay thai, tiger/crane kung fu, hsing yu, qigong

- black belt in tang soo do 

​- head instructor of arizona chapters of the buffalo black brotherhood

- head instructor of fierce tigers martial arts

- creator/founder of handcrafted training sword and dagger, talimtrainers.com

- martial arts practitioner for 30+ years


dragon Warrior Kenpo Karate