dragon Warrior Kenpo Karate


Dragon Warrior Kenpo Karate teaches and helps students to stand up for themselves and others, prevent bullying, and to stop it before it starts. Bullying happens to all ages and below are tips on what to do in school or the streets.

1. What Bullying is
Bullying happens when a person or a group of people do or say something to intentionally hurt you physically or emotionally. If you are bullied,
it’s not your fault. You may feel powerless when another child bullies you, but YOU can prevent it.

2. Spot Potential Bullying Before It Happens
What are some of the bullying hot spots in your school or neighborhood? Often they are areas where there are few adults. Try to avoid these "hot spots". If bullying hot spots–like the bus or the playground–are unavoidable, and you feel threatened, seek out the protection of an adult. Even standing near a supervising adult can reduce the chances of being bullied. Also, keep your head up and always look at your surroundings. If you're alert, you'll be more likely to spot a potential bullying situation before it happens.

3. Be Confident
In Karate class, you're instructed to stand at attention and show confidence. Take those same skills out of the studio and into the way you walk, stand and present yourself at school and elsewhere. If your body, face and attitude show confidence, you are less likely to be bullied. When your shoulders are back, you look stronger. When your eyes are up, you're less likely to be surprised by an attack. Our school teaches confidence but we don’t tolerate a student who acts against our martial arts principles. Students who bully others in and out of the dojo have consequences. 

 4. Be Calm
When you're being called a name or bullied by another kid, your natural reaction is to get upset and be scared. When that happens, the bully has won. Instead, practice taking a deep breath and not showing fear on your face, in your voice or in your movement. Breathing brings oxygen to your brain so you can think. If you stay calm, the situation may not get worse. It’s normal to get mad or upset but if you can’t say anything good or nice, don’t say it at all…breath and walk away.

​5. Be Friendly
Even if you feel like you're too shy to stand out in a crowd at school, it is important to have a few friends in school or in Karate. Not only will friendships do wonders for your self-esteem, but having a good group of friends also can help you in bullying situations. Plus, the more friends you have, the less likely you'll be bullied, especially if that bully might have to take on a group of people. At
Dragon Warrior Kenpo Karate, we build a circle of friends and a big family.

6. Be Proactive: Tell
If you are being bullied or you see bullying in school, you must tell an adult. 
Tattling is when you are telling an adult something just to get attention for yourself, or to get someone in trouble. Telling is when you are seeking protection for yourself or somebody else. If you are not getting the response you want from the teacher you've told, tell other adults until you feel safe for yourself and others. Tell your parents.

7. Be a Protector
At Karate, you learn the skills needed to defend against bullying, but not every kid has the confidence you do. If you see another kid getting bullied, it's your responsibility to speak up. If you feel someone may be in physical danger, run and tell an adult immediately. If the bully is just using words, walk up to the kid being bullied, take her/him by the arm and simply walk away. Your confidence in a bullying situation may rub off on her/him and others.

8. Be Prepared to Defend Yourself
When bullying crosses the line into violence, and you are afraid you may be injured, it is important to know how to defend yourself. "A rule in any defense situation is
just do enough, run and report," and "If doing enough is to run away, that's fine. If the kid is attacking more aggressively and you need to strike the kid, do that and then run and report." Karate teaches you how to react when bullying goes beyond words and shoving become a dangerous act of violence against you or another kid. Then, practice your self-defense moves and learn when and how to properly use them. Our goal is to escape from a situation as fast as we can.

     Parents: Be involve
Ask your child/children everyday about their day at school. Find out what’s going on. Communicate. An “OK” answer from your child is not enough. Watch their behavior.

Reinforce confident behavior at home by praising them when they’re showing leadership and strength, and when they do the right thing, this is a confident boost for them.

Educate them about bullying and what to do if it happens. Role playing helps. Give them examples so they know what to do.

Watch what they do on the computer/internet, they’re video games, and who they talk to.

Let’s help each other to prevent bullying and protect the children.